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Why Participate in TÜBİTAK Science Olympiads?

TÜBİTAK Science Olympiads winners are awarded various monetary prizes according to their ranking. The Science Olympiads offer other opportunities for winners as well. These are:

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Extra Coefficient Application

Students who achieve rankings in Computer Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics exams across Turkey benefit from a one-off additional coefficient applied to their University Entrance Examination results.


TÜBİTAK 2205 - Undergraduate Scholarship

Students who achieve national/international ranking in Computer, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics sections are entitled to receive TUBITAK 2205 - Undergraduate Scholarship, should they register in a relevant department/program of the universities related to their fields of participation.


Mentoring Support

Students who succeed in the first-step exam can benefit from the 2248 Mentorship Support Programme with in TÜBITAK.

Respond to science questions asked by academics on the forum page.

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You are invited to the Online Quiz, where you can test yourself before the exam!

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